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    >bryce<  is a wooden shelf. A really simple one. It's made ouf of nine parts that are four pillars and five shelf floors. Shelf floors are available with rubbets, so ...
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In 2017 I was part of a student team, that developed and realized a small pop-up exhibition at the Milan furniture fair. The challenge was to plan an exhibiton, ...
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The safety goggles >platt< are a result of an university project together with UVEX. The company uses high technology polymers for their safety lenses in order to withstand heat, ...
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In summer it's too hot and in winter too cold. AKA helps to solve this eternal complaint as it is both, fan heater & ventilator. The form is inspired ...
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                                                                  ♠ Bei dem Thema Essen kann einem schon mal der Appetit vergehen. Die Rinder werden wahnsinnig und die Tomaten waren irgendwann auch mal kleiner. Doch wer möchte sich schon ...
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Industrie & Handwerk

  Local furniture production as social and ecological benefit. Bachelor Thesis in Integrated Productdesign at the University of applied Science Coburg. Together with Michael Lechner. Supervising Professor A. Bergner.   The aim of ...
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      A family of individuals Innig is an open chair concept, designed for the production by local craftsmen. The project combines fixed conditions (that guarantee a comfortable and inexpensive chair) whith ...
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Amarillo is a lampshade for light-tubes that is folded out of a single piece of sheet metal. The process takes six steps and after the coating the lampshade is ...
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EY Desk

        EY DESK This Desk was my graduation project as a joiner back in 2012, when I worked at Kuck&Grimm The project is a working space between open communication and protected atmosphere. ...
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SUI is a bluetooth speaker that opens like a jam jar. The "Music Can" has an integrated 360° sound cone, an intuitive user interface and is easy to disassemble. → ...
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