SUI is a bluetooth speaker that opens like a jam jar. The „Music Can“ has an integrated 360° sound cone, an intuitive user interface and is easy to disassemble.

→ together with Max Stotz




The bluetooh speaker is switched on by a power button at the bottom of the device. After that the sound volume can be easily regulated by turning the lid.  This interface gives an instant feedback as the music gets louder while the lid is turning upwards.













As easy as SUI can be controlled, it can be repaired. The symstem is simple: Two halves are clamped into an outer shell, that holds everything into place. For the disassembly a safety button must be unlocked. Now the inner- and the outer bucket can be separated. Open the inner halves and you have easy access to all electronic parts, that are the poti switch, the speaker chassis, a battery pack and the circuit board.


Products that are not in use should step back. SUI follows this maxim and stays humble when closed. Only when the speaker is opened the product reveals its function. The 360° sound cone, is a common component in leading music company speakers and spreads the sound waves evenly. All control elements are designed unobtrusive, such as the elastic power switch at the bottom or the mini USB plug that is also covered by an elastic flap.








SUI protects music and is an ideal companion for everyday life. With the inlaid rubber ring the speaker is dust- and splashwater safe when closed. The outer shell absorbes falls & damage and can be replaced if necessary. Also no parts in this product are glued together as we wanted to guarantee a possible replacement for every component.



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