The safety goggles >platt< are a result of an university project together with UVEX. The company uses high technology polymers for their safety lenses in order to withstand heat, possible fractures or fading clearness. My aim was to highlight these safety lenses not by adding further hight tech elements, but a minimalistic frame that can be replaced in a minute.

While the usual safety frames are injection molded and made out of two component plastics, >platt< is lasered out of one single sheet. This offers the following opportunities: As a main quality of safety goggles is a clean covering of the eye area, the frame outline can be adapted easily to fit different face types. Furthermore the frame can be made out of every material that can be lasered, such as cardboard, veneer, leather or recycled plastics.

This project’s main challenge was to generate a 2D shilouette that defines all forms and functions for the 3D frame. The sheet turns into a three dimensional form by overlapping the frame arms, as tension keeps everything in place. After all the little „bridge“ element bends the frame arms inside.


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