In summer it’s too hot and in winter too cold. AKA helps to solve this eternal complaint as it is both, fan heater & ventilator. The form is inspired by half a lemon, indicating fresh air while being absolute functional. The design is a mixture between classic fan heater elements and the chassis with a ribbon structure.

→ together with Bastian Reichhardt


(1) Rotary Knob (2) Grill (3) Ventilation Blade (4) Motor  (5) Heating coil (6) Security guard (7) Chassis





Due to the asymmetric ribs, users can choose from a variety of airflow angles.

(1) Unlock opening points with a screwdriver (2) Remove safety cage with all inner parts (3) Now all parts can be cleaned properly

For a higher priced segment we offer app controlled settings for temperature and timing.

In order to prevent AKA from overheating, the propeller and aspiration areas are limited by a grid. Also the ribbon structure at the back is designed to guarantee a perfect air flow, as not all of the segments can be blocked at the same time. In case AKA accidentally falls on the front side, the knob in the middle locks and switches off the device.


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