university exhibition

In 2017 I was part of a student team, that developed and realized a small pop-up exhibition at the Milan furniture fair. The challenge was to plan an exhibiton, with a tight time schedule, minimal budget, limited space and with no common ground of the displayed works, despite that they where all created at the university of coburg. For our pop-up stage we decided not to focus on the different works, but on the uniting experience of our time at the Salone del Mobile.

Having seen a photograph of our exhibition space in Milan, I had the idea to include the large window serving as a natural lightning for the pop-up stage. As a reference our stage outline imitates the silhouette of light, emerging from the window behind.

→ In collaboration with Michael Lechner, Julia Kantorski, Lukas Bauer, Verena Brandl & Jonas Hermann


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