A family of individuals

Innig is an open chair concept, designed for the production by local craftsmen. The project combines fixed conditions (that guarantee a comfortable and inexpensive chair) whith enough space for interpretation and on the go decisions (that ensure that every single chair will be a real individual) → together with Michael Lechner










Heart & Brain

The centre of every >Innig< chair is a x- shaped element that is made out of injection molded aluminium. The cross serves as a constuction manual, an effective tool and as a component in the finished chair.



Companion on the way

All assembly instructions are engraved in the X element, that guides through the process of making a chair. While leaving a lot of room for decisions in the single steps (such as the choice of wood, material thikness, seat height, etc.) the X element defines all necessary details. (such as marking the needed joints, drill holes and dimensions of single components.)

The molded X has integrated marking pins and engraved indication lines that can be used as templates for several work stages. Ultimately all wooden parts, are connected to the metal fittings and a new chair is born.



Essential details

The furniture fittings ensure the quality of every chair with some fine details. Small metal lugs between the seat and the metal X provide the right seating angle.


Underneath the seat, the X element holds everything together. The cross is connected to all chair legs and the sitting element. Additional wooden spacers protect the chairs when stacked.




Opening up

The fun part of this project was letting go of fixed design ideas. As soon as there is no overdetermined instruction, new interpretations and individual products can be realised. The five chairs stand for themselves but form a family.


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