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The safety goggles >platt< are a result of an university project together with UVEX. The company uses high technology polymers for their safety lenses in order to withstand heat, ...
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In summer it's too hot and in winter too cold. AKA helps to solve this eternal complaint as it is both, fan heater & ventilator. The form is inspired ...
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                                                                  ♠ Bei dem Thema Essen kann einem schon mal der Appetit vergehen. Die Rinder werden wahnsinnig und die Tomaten waren irgendwann auch mal kleiner. Doch wer möchte sich schon ...
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Hugo Ball

A noisy pinball machine. Hugo Ball is operated via voice control. Hugo Ball is a critical (and fun) approach to voice control. While more and more technical devices can be operated ...
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SUI is a bluetooth speaker that opens like a jam jar. The "Music Can" has an integrated 360° sound cone, an intuitive user interface and is easy to disassemble. → ...
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A cat house as a piece of furniture. While working at RSW Design Studio in Hannover, Germany I worked with the Design Team on a functional and aesthetic design solution ...
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