Well dressed picture

This picture frame suits every portrait. It can be used on either side.




Fist Bump Cursors

I was searching for a symbol for digital collaboration.



„Spirit Level“ (dt. Wasserwaage)

Damit der Haussegen nie wieder schief hängt.



Birds Nest

Woodturning toys are a traditional technique in „Erzgebirge“ Germany. This interpretation is a ring of birds that are cloth pins.


Form follows process.

With only a few operational steps the final product refers to the process of making it. → together with Michael Lechner

Der Denker hat nicht viel gelacht, sondern zu viel nachgedacht.

This fun interpretation of Rodin’s „The Thinker“ is an image for overthinking and an ode to the german „Räucherfiguren“. We manufactured a small series of fifteen pieces. → together with Michael Lechner



Barrow is a rollable fire pit for Konstantin Slawinski. The product was designed from RSW Design, to dispose cold ashes or dirt easily. My part was to develop the functional design and technical drawings.


Nervous Chair

The wooden chair slowly disappears on sandpaper when someone sits on it. The small installation was made for the „Coburger Designtage“ together whith Chris Uebel.


Bamboo and heat.

Bamboo rods can be easily bent with a heat gun and remain in their new shape when cooled with cold water. The little bamboo shelf is made with heat bended joints and doesn’t need further tools or glue.


Paperclips for Norman Copenhagen

The paperclips postcard was made for the danish company durign my internship at RSW. My part was to develop the graphic divisions that are etched out of sheet metal.


Veneer Beermats

The technique of veneer intarsia is an antique method of, cutting out different wooden parts and creating images or patterns. The lazy new method we tried out with these objects is using a laser cutter.


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